The Citroen C5 is a four-door saloon, so it's immediately at a disadvantage compared to hatchbacks like the Mazda 6 and Ford Mondeo. Engine: 2.0 16V (136 Hp) Maximum speed: 203 (194)km/h Fuel consumption - urban: 11.9 (12.7) l/100 km. Tutustu myös C5 Aircross-vaihtoautojen valikoimaan. Coffee Break Alert lets you know when it's time to take a break. Katso myös muut Citroen -automallit, uudet Citroen 2020-autot ja Citroen C5-kuvat. After two hours of continuous driving over 40mph the system will alert you to recommend having a short break from driving. 【Citroen C5 C5 I Break】 full technical specifications, models and characteristics. This alert is made via a sound alert and visual message such as "It is time to take a break" and a cup of coffee symbol is displayed on the dashboard. 330 kpl Citroen C5 vaihtoautoa autoilmoitusta kaipaavat huomiotasi hintaluokissa 190 € - 22 900 € 190 22900 €. More information online Citroen C5 I (Phase II, 2004) 2004 - 2008 Седан Мощност: от 109 до 207 кс | Размери: 4745 x 1780 x 1476 мм: Citroen C5 I Break (Phase II, 2004) 2004 - 2008 Комби Мощност: от 109 до 235 кс | Размери: 4839 x 1780 x 1511 мм: Citroen C5 I (Phase I, 2000) Inside, the The Best Citroen C5 Break New Concept supplies a simple yet feature-packed cabin, particularly if you opt for one of many upper trim levels. The Best Citroen C5 Break New Concept also offers two sporty versions that infuse the The Best Citroen C5 Break New Concept with a little bit of extra personality. Tutki ilmoitukset ja valitse oma ... Lue lisää Citroen C5.